The Academy of Management Accounting and Control in Central Government is a meeting place for anyone who has a genuine interest in questions of government.


Our research examines governmental processes from a number of different perspectives. Above all, we focus on how well agencies are able to meet goals that the central government sets for them, focusing on internal control and leadership. Democracy and the rule of law are central to government, but it also needs to be effective. Our research questions grow from these ideals.
The research happens in dialogue with the agencies, maintaining close contact throughout the process. Many leaders have likened AES to an ‘oasis,’ where they can reflect about complex problems while gaining new perspectives and ways of tackling the challenges they face. 

Research projects (in swedish)

Making the knowledge accessible

The results of AES research are published as articles in academic journals, books, and research reports. These are disseminated in a number of ways: our yearly “Researcher Day,” national and international conferences, lectures, workshops and seminars.

Recent publications (in swedish)


Members receive invitations to regular meetings (5x/year) which feature research discussions and an exchange of ideas and experiences surrounding AES’s core concerns. Each agency pays a small yearly fee and has one, two, or three representatives who participate in our meetings. 

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