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Maria Wijkander, Pia Svedberg, Jurgita Narusyte,
et al.
The role of familial factors and neuroticism in the association between exposure to offensive behaviors at work and long-term sickness absence due to common mental disorders - a prospective twin study 2024
Kimmo Eriksson, Kimmo Sorjonen, Daniel Falkstedt,
et al.
A formal model accounting for measurement reliability shows attenuated effect of higher education on intelligence in longitudinal data 2024
Azadé Azad, Johanna Carlsson
Being a Girl is a Challenge… Maybe That's Why It's So Important to Be Proud of It : Gender Identity and Performances of Femininity in Young Females with Limited Delinquency 2024
Aaron Cherniak, Mario Mikulincer, Joel Gruneau Brulin,
et al.
Perceived attachment history predicts psychedelic experiences : A naturalistic study 2024
S. Neupane, K. C. Prakash, S. Kyrönlahti,
et al.
Development and validation of sustainable employability index among older employees  2024
Lars-Göran Öst, Pia Enebrink, Anna Finnes,
et al.
Cognitive behavior therapy for adult post-traumatic stress disorder in routine clinical care : A systematic review and meta-analysis 2024
Kimmo Sorjonen, Michael Ingre, Gustav Nilsonne,
et al.
Dangers of including outcome at baseline as a covariate in latent change score models : Results from simulations and empirical re-analyses 2024
Meng-Yao Feng, Yu-Han Bi, Hui-Xin Wang,
et al.
Influence of chronic diseases on the occurrence of depression : A 13-year follow-up study from the Survey of Health, Ageing and Retirement in Europe 2024
Farzaneh Badinlou, David Forsström, Markus Jansson-Frojmark,
et al.
Impairments following COVID-19 infection : manifestations and investigations of related factors 2024
Marian Bakermans-Kranenburg, Marinus H. van IJzendoorn
Sensitive responsiveness in expectant and new fathers 2024
Henrik Levinsson, Sara Probert-Lindstrom, Rebecka Holmgren,
et al.
Suicidal behaviour in over-indebted individuals : a cross-sectional study in Sweden 2024
Auriba Raza, Linda Magnusson Hanson, Hugo Westerlund,
et al.
Access to Alcohol Outlets From Home and Work in Sweden : Longitudinal Associations With Problem Drinking 2024
Tina M. Olsson, Pia Enebrink, Sabina Kapetanovic,
et al.
Study protocol for a non-randomized controlled trial of the effects of internet-based parent training as a booster to the preschool edition of PATHS® : Universal edition of the Parent Web 2024
Vera Vinken, Lena Lidfors, Jenny Loberg,
et al.
Models of conditioned reinforcement and abnormal behaviour in captive animals 2024
Ayako Hiyoshi, Kaori Honjo, Loretta G. Platts,
et al.
Trends in health and health inequality during the Japanese economic stagnation : Implications for a healthy planet 2024
Sandra Blomqvist, Robin S. Högnäs, Marianna Virtanen,
et al.
Job loss and job instability during the COVID-19 pandemic and the risk of depression and anxiety among Swedish employees 2024
Jia-Yan Pan, Per Carlbring, Lucy Lu
Efficacy of Internet-based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Hong Kong University Students : A Randomized Controlled Trial 2024
Lilja K. Jónsdóttir, Tommie Forslund, Matilda A. Frick,
et al.
A challenge to the expected : Lack of longitudinal associations between the early caregiving environment, executive functions in toddlerhood, and self-regulation at 6 years 2024
Ebba Widegren, Matilda A. Frick, Johanna Motilla Hoppe,
et al.
The influence of anterior cingulate GABA+ and glutamate on emotion regulation and reactivity in adolescents and adults 2024
Pekka Virtanen, Tapio Nummi, Hugo Westerlund,
et al.
Active labour market policies in emerging adulthood may act as a protective factor against future depressiveness : an analysis of the long-term trajectories of depressive symptoms in the Northern Swedish Cohort 2024
Ram P. Sapkota, Tristen Lozinski, Andrew Wilhems,
et al.
Internet-delivered therapy for alcohol misuse : engagement, satisfaction, and outcomes when patients select their preference for therapist- or self-guided treatment 2024
Gagan Jain, Samridhi Pareek, Per Carlbring
Revealing the source : How awareness alters perceptions of AI and human-generated mental health responses 2024
Jakob Mechler, Karin Lindqvist, Björn Philips,
et al.
Internet-Delivered Affect-Focused Psychodynamic Therapy for Adolescent Depression : Treatment Principles and Clinical Application in the ERiCA Project 2024
Sandra Thijssen, Kim Alyousefi-van Dijk, Noor de Waal,
et al.
Neural processing of cry sounds in the transition to fatherhood : Effects of a prenatal intervention program and associations with paternal caregiving 2024
Philip U. Gustafsson, Sverker Sikström, Torun Lindholm
The semantic structure of accuracy in eyewitness testimony 2024
Madalina Vlasceanu, Kimberly C. Doell, Gustav Nilsonne,
et al.
Addressing climate change with behavioral science : A global intervention tournament in 63 countries 2024
Agata Groyecka-Bernard, Charlotte Alm, Torun Lindholm,
et al.
Conservatism Negatively Predicts Creativity : A Study Across 28 Countries 2024
Kimmo Sorjonen, Gustav Nilsonne, Michael Ingre,
et al.
Breastfeeding, cognitive ability, and residual confounding : A comment on studies by Pereyra-Elìas et al. 2024
Denise Vesper, Joanna Grzymala-Moszczynska, Cornelius J. König,
et al.
One opportunity of antiwork : Bringing unions (back) to the I-O table 2024
Petri Laukka, Kristoffer N.T. Månsson, Diana Sanchez Cortes,
et al.
Neural correlates of individual differences in multimodal emotion recognition ability 2024
Karin Boson, Sevtap Gurdal, Emma Claesdotter-Knutsson,
et al.
Adolescent gaming and parent-child emotional closeness : bivariate relationships in a longitudinal perspective 2024
Loretta G. Platts, Karen Glaser
Returns to work following retirement in Germany, Russia, and the United Kingdom 2024
Katharina Klug, Eva Selenko, Anahi Hootegem,
et al.
A lead article to go deeper and broader in job insecurity research : Understanding an individual perception in its social and political context 2024
Marta Sousa-Ribeiro, Katinka Knudsen, Magnus Sverke,
et al.
To work after retirement : a qualitative study among mental health nursing assistants 2024
Silke Fischer, Charlotta Nilsen
ADHD in older adults - a scoping review 2024
Annika Härenstam, Erik Berntson, Lisa Björk,
et al.
Measuring Trust in Public Sector Organizations – Research Note 2024
Livia Ruehr, Sebastian Blome, Granit Kastrati,
et al.
Back morphology and walking patterns mean 13.8 years after surgery for lumbar disk herniation in adolescents 2024
Emma J. Heeman, Tommie Forslund, Matilda A. Frick,
et al.
Predicting emotion regulation in typically developing toddlers : Insights into the joint and unique influences of various contextual predictors 2024
Erica Szkody, Radosveta Dimitrova, Cory J. Cascalheira
Social support and help-seeking worldwide 2024
Renate S. M. Buisman, Laura H. C. G. Compier-de Block, Marian Bakermans-Kranenburg,
et al.
The role of emotion recognition in the intergenerational transmission of child maltreatment : A multigenerational family study 2024
Martin Ploederl, Eva-Maria Pichler, Joakim Westerlund,
et al.
Daylight saving time was not associated with a change in suicide rates in Austria, Switzerland and Sweden 2024
Erik Forsberg, Anders Sjöberg
A Validation Study of the Extended Relevance Scale using the D3mirt Package for R 2024
Jón Ingi Hlynsson, Oskar Gustafsson, Per Carlbring
Uncertainty breeds anxiety and depression : The impact of the Russian invasion in Ukraine on a Swedish clinical population receiving internet-based psychotherapy 2024
Alexander Rozental, Roz Shafran, Fred Johansson,
et al.
Treating perfectionism via the Internet : a randomized controlled trial comparing cognitive behavior therapy to unified protocol 2024
Annika Härenstam, Lisa Björk, Linda Corin
Trust chains in public sector organizations and their significance for work unit performance and employee turnover intention 2024
Leonie J. T. Balter, John Axelsson
Sleep and subjective age : protect your sleep if you want to feel young 2024
Yannick Klein, Petra Lindfors, Linda L. Magnusson Hanson,
et al.
Development of nature-related habits and their relation to mental health outcomes during two years of the COVID-19 pandemic : a population-based study in Sweden 2024
Ying Xiong, Jonas Tvedt, Torbjörn Åkerstedt,
et al.
Impact of sleep duration and sleep disturbances on the incidence of dementia and Alzheimer's disease : A 10-year follow-up study 2024
Sabina Kapetanovic, Lisa Andersson, Robert Svensson,
et al.
Validation of the Super-Brief Pathological Narcissism Inventory (SB-PNI) among Swedish adolescents 2024
Strong P. Marbaniang, Holendro Singh Chungkham
Latent class of multidimensional dependency in community-dwelling older adults : evidence from the longitudinal ageing study in India 2024