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The research conducted at the faculty is well recognised both nationally and internationally. The access to large data bases, improved computer capacity and development of statistical methods has propelled the research, especially the empirical quantitatively oriented research. The faculty's core research disciplines are public policies and administration, international studies, and health and health care. The faculty's decree is inter-disciplinary research and much of the research is conducted in co-operation with other universities, colleges and research institutes.

Specific areas in which the faculty has a leading national and international position are Cognitive Aging; Economic, Social and Health Inequalities; Demography; Stress, Work, Health and Restitution; Transnational Actors and
Global Governance; Political Economics; Evaluation of Public Policy.

The faculty has enjoyed success in being granted funding from major grant
awarding calls and has established several centres of excellence within
different subject areas in recent years, e.g. research into the social science
aspects of mobile telephony, as well as stress research. It is a pressing task
of the faculty to continue to support these excellent areas and provide an
environment to nurture the prominent researchers of the future.


Karin Hansson, Head of Faculty Office
Phone no: +46 (0)8 16 35 51

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